After binging through this season, I can safely conclude that HoC got more ominous. It is surprising considering Frank Underwood is, for the first time, on the outside looking in. That’s mostly by design, as he believes he can have greater influence in Washington by being out of the White House. It means that, for the first time, his objective isn’t clear. Before was working towards being President, or trying to hang on to the role. What does he want now? What could be more powerful to someone like Frank than sitting inside the Oval? Seeing exactly what these powers-that-be are, and how Frank attempts to join them and use them, is going to be fascinating. The show is at its best when Frank is in pursuit of power, rather than holding it, and this should make for some ripe drama. I’m going to spoil it and say Claire Underwood is President of the United States. Taking into account everything that has happened, Season 6 might and should be the last.