Doctor Strange presents us with an addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it is delivered well. The movie flows fittingly while highlighting the journey and plight of an injured man who is seeking to recover. The action sequences are astounding and I was left in awe at the visual effects of time and matter inter-changing. Time related paradoxes are translated onto the full screen effortlessly and the continuum is left intact. Strange’s scientific beliefs are questioned when he first witnesses the arts of the mystics and is awakened to a world beyond his knowing. This translates closely to the nature of science vs faith, and in a fictional universe, draws the two together.

The role of Stephen Strange has some similarities to Tony Stark, such as; intelligence, wit, humor, and his desire to leave a lasting legacy. However these two superheroes bring a different identity to the MCU and with the time infinity stone being showcased in this movie, it is only a matter of time (pun intended) before we see them together. I’d recommend to watch this!